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Jessica, February, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading from Tom. His intuition and style shines and all of the content is relatable and easy to follow. As I read through it, I felt as though we were together and having a conversation. He hit the nail on the head in many aspects and I look forward to referring to his guidance as I move through a major transition in my life. Thank you Tom. I am so very grateful.

Sophia, January, 2019

I really loved the precision of your reading. You described things I was already feeling deep inside and I wasn’t acknowledging. Some of the cards that came up in your reading are cards that kept showing up in readings I had in the past, so to me that is validation that you really picked upon my energy and my life’ s issues. You explained every card in detail and gave me hope and guidance. Now i am more positive about what is coming in the future.
Looking forward to my next reading with you!

Stormy, January, 2019

Overall, this reading hit very close to home. I resonated with everything that you read, and alot of it I had known deep down already. Your reading confirmed much of what I was suppressing, and I am very grateful because I think it was the validation I needed to move forward. I am so often plagued by self doubt, and your reading helped me see that alot of my self doubt is unfounded.

I truly appreciate how tailored the reading felt to me. I have had many a readings in my lifetime, and this is one of the best. I feel that you have a deep understanding and connection with the tarot, and the way you read is like a beautiful story that reveals the truths of a matter, rather than a cut and dry aloof reading.

Again, i just want to say thank you for giving me such a great reading. You have helped me so much in gaining some clarity and confidence and I am very grateful.

Mel, December, 2018

I really like Tom’s way of reading the tarot. His transparency on the intuitive nature of the reading and his highlighting that it is the individual that has the choice over their present and future is truly empowering. Additionally, I appreciated his inclusion of the image of the cards. This opened for me the possibility of being an active participant in the process rather than having it be something done to/for me. I felt that Tom’s reading allowed space for my intuition. All in all, I loved the experience and would return to Tom.

Ceby, December, 2018

Hi Tom. Thank you very much for your reading. I found my reading extremely well structured and insightful. I could tell and feel that you put a lot of time and effort into it to provide guidance and give advice on a very personal problem . You delivered a wonderfully uplifting reading which rang true. I would recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again and I am very grateful for your insights.

Vincent, December, 2018

Tom was very timely and went into detail with his reading to paint a vast picture. The reading gave me things to consider that I hadn’t before. Would recommend him!

Maxine, November, 2018

Tom, thank you so so much for taking time out of your day to do a tarot reading for me. It was more than spot on and it showed me how much I really do need to care for myself before moving forward as well as trusting my instincts. Thank you so much!

Arianna, November, 2018

I’m very grateful for this wonderful reading prepared by you Tom!


You are right , i was biased regarding the state university( my favorite choice initially) and this bias stems from how private universities ( second choice) are seen in my country ( second hand). I was afraid that by going to the private university I was denying myself the chance to get my education from a prestigious university.


You told me to to do my own research , which I did, the same day I read your reading. 


Another thing that happened that day was the specialist I talked to let me know that I can already work as a substitute teacher with the exams I have passed... I decided to check the school district’s home page and found out they were hiring. The deadline was Friday so I had to prepare the documents in a rush. I managed to submit them and here I am from being sure I am not able to teach until I graduate to waiting to be called for a potential substitute teacher job!


Tom, your energy prompted all these positive developments. You brought so much luck to me and I am so grateful. I analyzed both readings, and both times, a year ago and now, you were spot on.


What I like about your readings is that you made me think things through to a deeper level . You made me connect to my inner self and I was able to see things in a new light. Thank you for involving me in the reading by having me select the numbers myself. This way the reading feels even more personal. I really like the wording of your readings, really feels like reading a message from someone who possesses wisdom and ability to inspire people.

Carrie, November, 2018

This is a beautiful reading. I barely know what to say. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but thank you, truly. I'm still contemplating your words (there's a lot there!), but I wanted to get back to you sooner than later to express my deep appreciation. 


It's mysterious and wonderful what how much you were able to intuit from the cards. Some of what you wrote gave me chills (in a good way), because of how accurate you were. Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how right you are about the dominant male energy in my life :). It wasn't just one thing- your interpretation of all the cards really resonated with me. For example, today I've been thinking a lot about what you said about The Hanged Man and the need to sacrifice resistance. 


Please know that I am also very grateful for the suggested actions part of the reading. You've provided truly great advice. You suggested writing down clearly what is blocking me, and this exactly the sort of thing that works with me. And yes, getting back to meditation is something I surely need to do as well. I think it's so interesting that the cards are urging collaboration with women. I will make a point of reaching out to some female friends this weekend.


Oh, you got it right with yoga too. I've let my practice slide for too long. :) 


Again, I wish I could better express my gratitude for your time and energy. You have provided exactly what I was seeking.

Petra, October, 2018

I am really blown away by this terrific reading!  It is clear that you put a lot of time and your care/attention into it and that makes a world of difference. The whole process really shines.

First, I appreciated hearing from you right away, telling me your process / philosophy, and inviting me to share in the process by choosing my cards. That is the first time I have experienced that method and I really enjoyed it. Second, you responded to my question on some logistics, which was very helpful and kind. Third, the reading itself was terrific, very well laid out, and really resonates.

The advice/reading itself was perfect, just what I needed to hear to help me make the right decision. I like how you gave an analysis of what the cards tell me in answer to my question, along with “homework,” or action points that can help this path (should I choose it) most successful. You also pointed out the heartache of continuing to live in the past — while my intellect knows that, my emotions hope for a more “just” conclusion than rejection. Might be better to lick my wounds and move on to a brighter future.  This was a terrific reading, really helping me see the best path forward and how to help myself come to a decision without regret or second guessing myself. It really feels divinely inspired, and you are a very gifted reader with terrific communication skills.

Shantall, April 2018

Woah the reading was AMAZING! I’ve had good readings before but this one was on point! 

Everything stated in the reading was correct, I think I need to do some inner talk first before deciding anything, since I am the one with the inner problems and issues. Thank you so much for your time. I am really happy with the reading, and honestly, it was even more than I was expecting. You are truly gifted, and I am very grateful to have the answers I needed right now.

Monica, March 2018

 Thank you so very much for your wonderful reading.  I hope you realize that you are a very talented Tarot Reader...  I am going to reconsider everything after this reading.  It is having an enormous impact on me and while I am writing to you this early morning I am crying and I can feel lumps of stagnated energy leave my body. It is my birthday on Monday and I am going to make a plan.  I will follow your advice and start. I will start with baby steps... Please, Know that you are my angel this week and that you have really, really helped me. I am so grateful!!!

THANK YOU and take care. 

Lane, March 2018

The reading was timely, clear, concise and resonated with me deeply. I also appreciated you explaining your beliefs on tarot as well as your process. It brought a lot of clarity, so thank you. You were on the nose about him. He definitely was a charmer and the 2nd card was exactly how I felt about him, so you were correct, especially about him being a narcissist. I was really shocked you picked up on that! The questions you asked me in the reading felt pertinent to the situation and resonated with me. I definitely have a lot to think about and decisions have to be made. Thank you so much for the reading!

Kara, March 2018

Thank you for a beautiful reading. I felt listened to and taken care of each step of the way. Your intuitive interpretations are very clear and felt very personal and meaningful to me and really helped me to think about my situation in a new way. You have a gift and I am grateful for your time and for having been connected to you for my reading. I feel much more clear and hopeful. Thank you!!



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