the pearls

your tarot journey includes

Total confidentiality. Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Everything we say or do is completely confidential

An introductory exchange to set the tone and energy connection between us

One-on-one interactive communication to formulate and ensure your best possible question for the tarot

My 7-point preparation process of:

choosing the most receptive and appropriate deck​

sage purification of linen tarot cloth

sage purification of tarot cards

sage purification of the diver (me!)

mindful and intuitive shuffling

prayer to invoke a clear energy channel

special sage ritual to open energy conduit between you (your question) and the tarot

Professionally written and detailed 300-600 word document 

My guarantee - 100% refund of your personal investment after 90 days if your cards do not produce a single piece of insight or value you can apply to your situation