twin pearls

twin pearls


Twin pearls' philosophy is guided by Sir Issac Newton's 3rd law of motion - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  When you set the ball rolling with your first twin pearls reading, a second reactionary reading is often necessary to fine tune the results from the first.


Twin pearls includesd two 3-5 cards customized spreads to help you hone in on your specific area of fucus.  Twin pearls typically addresses your more complex objectives.  Family, personal challenges, recurring problems and behaviours or simply gaining a clearer understanding of your own soul journey are just a few.  This dual reading allows the flexibility to adjust to new circumstances that can develop over the 6-month window allotted to a twin pearl reading.


Twin pearl's two indepth readings provide additional value and savings along with my partnership promise to encourage and track your progress over that 6 month period.


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About Us

'Pearl Tarot offers intuitive services and insights, through the energy and interpretation of the tarot, to help remove blockages that restrict you from being your best self. Reclaim your personal power, whether it be in relationship, career or personal development areas.'

Location: Niagara, Ontario


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