What is a Tarot Sponsor?

If you have found this place then I have equally found you.

I do not know your name. I do not know your circumstance. But I do know who you are.

You are a seeker. An explorer. You are a risk taker and understand the element of risk is intricately involved in every action (or non-action) you take.

You are at the door. Do you knock? Do you reach for the handle? Do we meet? Or do you move on to your next door?

This door swings both ways. For you. For me. It's a door of reciprocity that combines both our energies through the medium of the tarot to create something that did not exist before.

There is a concept that exists in recovery programs that revolves around sponsorship. A sponsor is someone who has "been there done it". This does not mean the sponsor's experience is the same as or better than yours. It simply means there is an identification with a process of growth, invariably with the aid of a sponsor they have asked for help, that resonates with you.

Tarot sponsorship is a method of channeling the power of the tarot through the conduit of the sponsor to address your specific and unique conditions.

So, what is a tarot sponsor?

Let me share an analogy: Imagine you are at the bottom of Mount Everest and want to climb to the top. There, at the base of the mountain, is a Sherpa guide patiently sitting. Do you begin your ascent alone or do you reach out and ask for guidance?

What is in the cards for you?

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