The Ultimate Tarot App: You!

It seems to me the more we stuff our faces into our electronic devices the more disconnected we become. Not with the world at large. But with our own internal barometers about who, why and what we are is individuals.

If there was an app to connect with your inner voice would you use to it? What if the app already existed inside you? What if it was completely free? And all that was required for the download was your own willingness and open-mindedness spiced with a pinch of "what if?"

An app that is a natural source of power, both a transmitter and receiver that uncovers choices and possibilities you never thought possible. An app that could benefit all aspects of your life – career, relationship, personal development - that you create and control 100%.

Would that jazz you?

Let's call it YOU - the ultimate tarot app.

Nothing magical. No fortune-telling. Just a tool that removes the clutter and interference of external noise that plagues you with distraction. Hearing loss of your most valuable source of information is restored. Your quiet, subtle and loving inner voice .

Your ultimate tarot app already exists within you. A seed of possibility ready to take the greatest journey you will ever take.

The journey in.

If you have never considered the tarot as a tool to unravel your inner-most self, perhaps now is the time to plug in. Nothing "oogely-boogely". Just an honest, open and candid exchange between you, a sensitive and empathetic tarot reader (the connection between you and the reader is paramount) and the spark igniting the energy flow in the cards.

Are you ready to access your ultimate tarot app?

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'Pearl Tarot offers intuitive services and insights, through the energy and interpretation of the tarot, to help remove blockages that restrict you from being your best self. Reclaim your personal power, whether it be in relationship, career or personal development areas.'

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