Not Tarot, But Pure Value

While sifting through the reams of writing I have stuffed into folders over the last decade, I came across this treasure, dated October 28, 2008, and I would be remiss and downright ignorant if I never took the time to write it down again. Here is what I wrote on that day.

"My office used to be at the back door of our house. Nestled amongst the coats and sea of shoes and boots, floated the island of my desk. My sanctuary of work that kept us afloat with food on the table while I watched my children scoot behind me and out the door to play in the mountains of snow I so meticulously piled there during the sometimes long and dreary Ontario winter.

Their activities have changed some, and the marks on the basement door frame gauging their heights have finally topped out somewhere above my own head. My office space shifted again and is now in the private sanctuary of my basement.

One Saturday morning while cleaning out the mud room (we call it that now – although the space is relatively the same, the function and name have changed) I started plucking the ancient messages from the cork board that hung above my desk, the last remaining vestige of my tenure there. While trashing old receipts, things-to-do lists and Remembrance Day poppies, I came across a document I wrote 10, perhaps 15 years ago.

Riddled with pinholes and shrouded behind the scraps of time gone by, I plucked it from the board. I had forgotten that it even existed and as I began to read, I smiled and sat on a kitchen chair to absorb this time capsule I had created over a decade ago."

Here is what I read as I sat at my kitchen table:

Personal Mission Statement

· Exercise patience and kindness in all my actions.

· Take time every day for prayer and meditation. Bask in the reality that God is the giver of all true power.

· Listen with my ears and eyes and soul before I speak.

· Give unconditionally.

· Share hopes and dreams with family and encourage them to do the same.

· Be fair with everyone, not forgetting to exercise the same courtesy with myself.

· Humour away vindictiveness, self-serving ego and cynicism.

· Always be on the alert for negativity. At the first sign, take corrective measures to expose and deflate it. Negativity is the killer of passion for living.

· Respect the thoughts and beliefs of others.

· Trust in truth and never take the easy way of lies.

· Understand that every mistake increases the potential for integrity, honesty and true spiritual growth. Mistakes are opportunities for greatness and humility.

· Beware of expectations. They feed misunderstandings, resentments and broken relationships.

· Remove criticism and replace it with open-mindedness and encouragement.

· Express love each and every day. Express it freely and give it from the heart.

Did I write those things?

I decided to pin my Personal Mission Statement on my new improved cork board in my bootless and child free office. Maybe over time it will get covered over with more poppies and pictures and notes I put up there and never do anything about.

Well here you are again. Discovered for the second time in over 20 years. I will print you and hang you on the wall of even a newer, bigger office and promise I will never lose you again.

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