How Do We Dismantle Hate?

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. One rose up before me like a great beacon of light last night. His message - still, quiet, powerful - is an echo of peace that has resonated through time since recorded history and I would guess long before that.

It comes from Ari Mahler. The nurse in that Pittsburgh hospital who tended the wounds to the most despicable force we face. Hate. Ari offered us a balm to soothe the inflammation of our souls. Here is what he said:

"Love as an action is more powerful than words, and love in the face of evil gives others hope."

With those words, and especially the intention that propagated them, comes the answer about peace, about violence, about a pathway of cooperative effort that will bind us all rather than tear us apart.

That answer is love.

Love dismantles hate.

So there is an action I can take. An action we and every human spirit on this planet can implement to inject this serum of peace into our collective psyches. That is to continue, regardless of the resistance and violent expression of hate, to press into the light of love.

You have a voice. I have a voice. Our collective energy, expressed one thought, one word, one deed at a time is a power hate cannot comprehend.

Thank you Ari. Thank you for reinforcing the power that exists in us all to dismantle this vortex of hate. Thank you for showing us love.

Our hope resides in this. If we reach into our hearts to change our minds, we can indeed change the world.

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