Denial, Tarot and Niagara Falls

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Whenever I am feeling over-sized, confused or disconnected, I hop in my car and take a short trip to one of our greatest natural wonders - Niagara Falls.

Every single minute, approximately 175 million litres (or 45 million gallons for our US friends) spill over the precipice. There's just something about it that sets my perspective straight. The thunder, the mist, the sheer power of it clarifies my place in the grand scheme of things.

Tarot has a way of restoring perspective too. The energy in the cards has a flow that pulls us forward, often toward things we are not aware of or we might prefer to deny. But like the force of that water approaching the edge, it's in our best interest to be aware of what lies ahead.

The tarot has a way of navigating in harmony with our natural flow. Sometimes the vault over the edge can be scary. Painful. This is usually our resistance. Resistance to events that may not have turned out how we expected or people who rub us the wrong way. I like to call these our karmic wake up calls.

When we eventually find the tarot, we are often in a state of dilemma. Denial. Something shows up and we just don't want to see it. There's a change 'a comin' whether we like to admit it or not.

Tarot can help deflate that urge to resist the inevitable force of change in your life. Sure, you can flail your arms and try to swim faster, but when that current drags you in, pretending the cliff doesn't exist just up ahead won't make the drop any less painful!

Tarot on the other hand, just might.

PS - If you reside in the Niagara Region and would like a personal reading, please contact me at and we can chat.

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