Can I Heal Through Tarot?

If you have arrived here, it is presumably a crisis that has made it so.

It's true. Pain is undoubtedly our most powerful motivation for change. None of us like the idea much. I know I sure don't.

Whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, pain delivers a message that presents us to a door of new perceptual possibilities. It takes great courage to reach for the handle. And even greater strength to swing the door open and pass through.

Tarot can be a door to your healing.

Healing is always hastened when shared. Stepping through to the other side of that tarot door often ignites ideas and strategies for integrating our pain into positive and healing experiences. Experiences that may have been hidden in the fog of our grief, fear and avoidance.

Tarot is a balm of love and possibility. It helps us reach our deep personal truth. Oftentimes, we are so immersed in the soup of our pain we cannot - to use an old adage - see the forest for the trees.

YES - tarot can help soothe and heal your wounds. Should you choose to embrace it. It all boils down to one simple question:

"What am I prepared to do?"

The journey is worth it. Will you enter?

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