an intuitive tarot approach to mindful living

this is your journey

I created Pearl Tarot with one specific objective - to serve those seeking a deeper personal connection.

It is a journey I have been on my entire life. 

The questions that drift inside our minds are clues to expressing our soul's purpose. If you have ever wondered...

  • who am I?

  • why am I here?

  • what do I want?

...then read on.

Let me help you explore your inner journey through the conduit of the tarot.  It's a simple process - I use the energy of tarot combined with your focused intention to honour your soul's alignment.  I want your inside to match your outside.

Here, we can identify those things that keep you stuck. Exposing energy blocks and mapping new routes to personal insights that embrace change rather than resist it.

Soul transformation can be as simple as breaking an unhealthy habit. Often, our journey is more complex, masked behind behaviours that protect us from being hurt. Linking into tarot energy tethers you to the intuitive force that already exists within you to generate positive change.


When that change comes, be prepared to experience your eureka moment. A moment where choices, options and outcomes are always in the realm of your control.

"She/he who would search for pearls must dive below..."   
- John Dryden

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Client Pearls

What They’re Saying

I really loved the precision of your reading. You described things I was already feeling deep inside and I wasn’t acknowledging .... so to me that is validation you really picked upon my energy and my life’ s issues.

You explained every card in detail and gave me hope and guidance. Now i am more positive about what is coming in the future. Looking forward to my next reading with you!

- Sophia