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the diver

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We are travelers, you and I.


My name is Thomas and I am the founder of Pearl Tarot. You are reading this, plain and simple, because you created the opportunity to do so.

The essence of our karma implies when causes and conditions are ripe, the expression of that experience will manifest. So what are our conditions?

I come from the school of hard knocks. Maybe you do too. My journey has navigated through addiction and recovery. I know betrayal and forgiveness and their power to heal or destroy. I exist in the creative world of the writer and travel the silent sojourn of the meditator.  

Through all life's adventures, one piece of insight has remained consistent: I am the creator of my life. 


Just as you are the creator of yours.


We are responsible for every thought, word and action that comes from us.

If you feel compelled to explore your true creative self, let's begin our journey. By harnessing the energy of the tarot you can infuse a renewed strength to reclaim your personal power. The insight provided by the tarot is a tool you can use to manifest who you truly want to be and determine where, exactly, you would like to go.

thank you!

Simply Holistic and    


want to extend our gratitude and thanks

to all the participants who attended

Tarot ad Self Discovery


Wednesday, September 18th

Your energy made it a fun and rewarding experience!

To show our appreciation anyone who attended will receive $10 off any personal reading

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